FCP Transportation Policy - SY 18-19



FCP seeks to create and maintain an efficient, safe, and cost-effective transportation program to ensure all FCP students are able to attend school every day.



“Low-Income Students” - Students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch based on their Family Income Information Form (FIIF).

“At-Risk Students” - Students who are considered to have a higher probability of failing academically and/or dropping out of school, especially due to low attendance related to transportation and financial challenges.

“Diverse Learners” - Students with an IEP or 504 Plan.

“Students in Temporary Living Situations (STLS)” - Students who are homeless, doubled-up, or in any other temporary living situation as defined by the STLS program, and who are formally enrolled in the STLS program.

“General Student Population” - Any FCP student who is not included in the above categories.


Types of Transportation Support Available

  1. Early Arrival

    1. ***This offering is fully dependent on parent volunteers and will only be offered if a parent(s) volunteers for SY 18-19. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Main Office - we appreciate your support!!***

    2. The school day starts at 8:15am and doors open to all students at 7:45am. In the event that students need to be dropped off at the school prior to 7:45am, FCP MAY allow for limited early arrivals starting at 7:15am. Parents and guardians must formally request approval for early arrival from Ms. Spurlock, Senior Manager of Operations, by contacting the Main Office at 773-298-5800. The request will be noted and in the event that a parent volunteer is identified, all parents/guardians who have requested early arrival will be notified by Ms. Spurlock that early arrival is available. Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:45am unless and until approved by Ms. Spurlock.

  2. FCP (Culver’s) Bus and FCP Van

    1. FCP contracts with Culver’s to provide school bus services to students travelling long distances to and from school. FCP may also operate its own 15 passenger van to allow for additional stops.

    2. The FCP bus and van are paid services. The cost is $20 per month ($200 per school year) and payment must be made by the start of each month. There is a 50% discount for each additional FCP sibling and a 100% discount for students who take the CTA in addition to the bus/van (CTA fare paid by parent/guardian).

    3. Low-Income Students may apply for a partial transportation fee waiver of up to 50% of the cost. Waiver applications may be requested from the Main Office. STLS students automatically receive a full transportation fee waiver.

    4. Riding the FCP bus or van is a privilege, not a right. Students and parents must sign a Transportation Contract at the start of the year and students may lose transportation privileges if they violate the agreed-to behavior policy.

    5. The bus and van routes are designed with group stops to allow for efficient pick-up. Individual home stops are generally NOT allowed. Students are expected to be at their stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time; FCP is not responsible for transportation of students who miss their pick-up.

  3. CTA and PACE

    1. Plastic Discounted Student Fare CTA Cards

      1. Upon request, one Discounted Student Fare CTA Card will be provided to all students free of charge at the start of the school year. Cards may be requested in the Main Office. If lost or broken, additional cards may be purchased for $2 each. These cards do not and will not have any funds loaded on them.

    2. Paper STLS CTA and PACE Cards - STLS ONLY

      1. Paper CTA and PACE Cards are only available to students who are formally enrolled in the STLS program and for whom FCP is their School of Origin (the school the student attended when permanently housed, or the school in which the child or youth was last enrolled).

      2. Existing STLS students who are new to FCP for SY 18-19 are NOT eligible for these cards.

      3. The paper cards will be distributed to students weekly by the STLS Liason or Clerk. It is the responsibility of STLS students to keep track of their cards and to use them only to commute to and from school. Students will be given one (double use - to and from school) card for each school day during that week and no additional cards will be given if lost.

    3. FCP-Funded Plastic Student CTA Cards

      1. If needed, existing SLTS students who are new to FCP for SY 18-19 and not eligible for paper CTA cards may request an FCP-funded plastic CTA card from the Main Office to use the CTA to get to and from school only.

      2. At-Risk Students may also request funded CTA cards; these requests will be considered on a limited, case-by-case basis.

  4. Bus Fare

    1. Bus fare is the responsibility of parents and guardians and FCP will not provide cash or paid CTA cards to any student other than as described above.

  5. CPS Bus - Diverse Learners ONLY

    1. The CPS Bus program is extremely limited and available only to eligible Diverse Learners. Requests for bus services should be directed to the Special Education Team. These requests require approval by CPS; approvals and denials are not the decision of FCP.