Uniform Policy

The information below serves as a guide to Foundations College Prep’s uniform requirements. Foundations College Prep reserves the right to determine whether or not any part of a uniform is appropriate. We reserve the right to ask students to correct any part of the uniform at any time. If a student cannot correct the uniform, he or she will be asked to call home or wear a school-issued article of clothing until the uniform can be corrected. Appropriate demerits will be assigned. If parents/students are unsure whether or not they meet the uniform requirements, it is best to check with the student’s advisor before wearing the item in question to school.


Middle School

Plain navy blue or white polo shirt. No logos or designs.

Long sleeves or short sleeves are permitted. Shirts must have a polo collar.

Shirts must remain tucked into pants at all times.

Undershirts must be white, gray, or navy blue and should not have any visible writing or design.

T-shirts worn on college gear, casual dress, and dress-down days are allowed to be untucked.


High School

Plain light gray or orange polo shirt OR white button down. School logo is allowed on polo.

Students can wear a tie with their white button down.

Shirts must remain tucked into pants at all times.

T-shirts worn on college gear, casual dress, and dress-down days are allowed to be untucked.


All Students


Pants must be light khaki or navy blue, professional, and loose fitting.

Professional shorts, skirts, or skorts may be worn during warm weather months.

Uniform bottoms must have belt loops.

No skinny or slim-fitting pants, leggings, cargo pants, or denim.

No flaps, designs, or logos are allowed on the pockets.


Shoes & Belts


Plain black belt.

All black closed-toed shoes (dress or gym).

During winter months, students may wear winter boots and change into their school shoes once they arrive at school.

Plain, light gray sweaters are optional during winter months. Sweaters can be zip up, button down, or pullover.

No hoodies or sweatshirts.

School shirts must be tucked under sweater.

Jackets and other outerwear items are not a part of the school uniform and must be stored upon arrival to school.


  • No hats, headscarves, "do rags," bandanas, etc.
  • No unnatural/distracting hair color or designs shaved into head.
  • All headwear for religious purposes are allowed.


  • No earrings for boys.
  • Any jewelry that becomes a distraction or disturbance will not be permitted. Students will be asked to remove it immediately and may no longer wear it to school.

Gym Uniforms

  • Athletic shorts or pants must be an appropriate length and fit.
  • Gym shoes (can wear all black uniform shoes if they are athletic shoes).
  • Any FCP t-shirt. (A FCP t-shirt is provided for free with the payment of the school fee.)

Cell Phone Policy

Middle school students are required to put their cell phones into a locked box during AM advisory. Locked boxes will be stored in the main office during the school day, and cell phones will be returned to students during PM advisory. If cell phones are heard or seen during the school day, they will be confiscated and the student will earn the appropriate demerits. Confiscated phones will not be returned to students: a parent/guardian must come to pick it up. 

High school students are expected to turn off their cell phones when they enter the school building. Phones must be kept out of sight, preferably stored in students’ lockers, during the school day. If students have a visible cell phone, they will be directed to put it away. If the cell phone makes noise or students are caught using a cell phone, they will earn an automatic detention and the phone will be confiscated for a parent/guardian to pick up.

If parents/guardians need to contact a student during the school day for emergency purposes, they should call the main office.