Partnership with parents is a core value of our school and an essential element to your student's success in school. We want to hear your concerns and also to resolve those concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a concern, please do not hesitate to reach out by following the procedure below:

Step 1: Notify Your Student's Mentor or Advisor

All students at Foundations College Prep are assigned staff members as mentors who are there to help guide students towards success. Your student's mentor is your primary point of contact at the school and is there to help address your concerns. Your student's mentor will keep you in the loop on your student's academic performance, behavior, and attendance, and will also help connect you with the appropriate individual at the school if you have a concern. If you do not have your student's mentor's contact information, please contact the main office at 773-298-5800 to obtain it.

Step 2: Talk to a Staff Member

If you have a concern about an interaction between your student and another student at Foundations College Prep, please contact the main office. Provide the main office with a brief summary of your concern and the names of the students involved so they can pass that information along to Marlon Tobin, Dean of Middle School Culture, or DeAndrea Flowers, Dean of High School Culture. Mr. Tobin or Ms. Flowers will then investigate and call you back to respond to your concern within 24 hours. If necessary, Mr. Tobin and Ms. Flowers will also schedule a time with you for you to come in to meet in-person; however, in-person meetings generally cannot be accommodated without advance notice and scheduling.

If you have a concern about a teacher or another staff member at Foundations College Prep, please contact the main office to request a phone call from or an in-person meeting with that staff member. Whenever possible, we encourage parents to speak directly with staff members to resolve concerns. You can expect a call back from that staff member within 24 hours.

Step 3: Notify School Leadership of the Issue
If you are unable to successfully resolve your concern after speaking with your student's mentor and our staff members, please request a meeting with our Executive Director, Micki O'Neil by contacting the main office. Please be sure to provide a brief summary of your concern as well as your availability for a phone call or an in-person meeting. Within 24 hours Ms. O'Neil will return your call or schedule an in-person meeting time (we will do our best to schedule the actual meeting to take place within 48 hours of your original request but this is not always possible depending on your and Ms. O'Neil's availability; in-person meetings generally cannot be accommodated without advance notice and scheduling).

Step 4: Contact the Charter or Contract School's Board

In all CPS schools, parents, guardians, or community members should first attempt to address their concerns with the established leadership within the school. However,  in the event you are unable to resolve your concern after following the procedure above, please contact our Board of Directors at or attend one of our Board meetings (please see our website for a list of upcoming dates) to express your concern. While our school is a part of CPS, we have our own Board of Directors which handles concerns related to our school.

Step 5: Contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation

If your questions or concerns are not adequately resolved by school leadership or the school governing board, please contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation at 773-553-1530.