A Next Generation School

We reimagine how a school uses time, talent and technology
to prepare all students to thrive in college and life.


Vision: Great teachers are the foundation of schools that transform lives. We reimagine a profession that inspires and develops excellence. We restructure and differentiate teaching roles so that all students have access to our top teachers.


Vision: We focus on increasing the productivity of time in school by smarter use of talent and technology. We use flexible scheduling to address the individual needs of students and ensure access to great teachers for all.


In Action:

  • Differentiated roles, responsibilities, and compensation allow us to give all students access to great teachers
  • Meaningful career progression and teacher leadership opportunities
  • Teachers closely collaborate in content teams collectively responsible for students
  • Systems, structures and organizational culture designed to attract, develop, retain and leverage top teaching talent

In Action:

  • Significant variety of class types and sizes in an increasingly college-like environment
  • Small group, individual and large group instruction throughout the day
  • Flexible schedules that change based on student progress and interest


Vision: Thoughtful use of technology personalizes and deepens learning and allows teachers to be more effective. It amplifies and enables our transformation of time & talent and ensures that students gain the skills needed to navigate the world as critical, creative thinkers.

In Action:

  • Skill development and enrichment programs that adapt to students' levels
  • Rotation through computer and small, teacher-guided stations
  • Flipped classrooms and online courses
  • Technology integrated into curriculum with media, research, games, etc.
  • Students, parents, and teachers have access to real-time learning data

Building upon the successes of
first-generation schools

The best next-generation models understand that education is undergoing evolution, not revolution. We incorporate these and other best practices from successful schools.

  • Sufficient instructional time including an extended day and year
  • Hiring and developing top teacher talent
  • Intentional development of a warm, strict school culture
  • Integration of proven, data-driven instructional strategies
  • A strong student advisory program with a low student-teacher ratio

A 6-12 College Prep Continuum

We focus on preparing students for postsecondary success over the course of seven years, starting early to build all the necessary skills to thrive in college and life.

  • Long-term approach to academic, character, and socioemotional development
  • Address foundational skill gaps and instill strong work habits early on
  • Build critical and creative thinking skills over time
  • Continually foster independence, self-discipline, and resilience
  • Provide increasingly more choice and autonomy as students progress toward college