Founding Principles

Our Foundations are the founding premises of our school and the principles to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Students of all backgrounds can achieve at the highest levels.

Great teachers transform lives.

Kids--and college readiness--are more than just numbers.

We commit to serving all students well and doing our best to keep them at our school.

Children who come to school with less deserve more.

The "more" cannot rest solely on teachers. Teachers also need sufficient development, resources, and time.

Parents, families, and the community are central partners to our school.

Improving high-performing schools' productivity and sustainability is essential.

Students and parents deserve full transparency and meaningful accountability.


Core Values

Change students' lives every day.

Every day with our students is a gift. We believe in hard work, accountability and demanding the best for and from our students every day.

Operate with healthy skepticism.

We ask questions and debate rigorously because our students deserve nothing less. We model critical thinking and creative problem solving.


Pursue growth and learning.

We intentionally adopt a growth mindset and believe feedback is a gift that helps us continually get better at what we do. We demonstrate--and build in our students--a dedication to, and joy from, a life of continuous learning.

Embrace every person as an individual.

We recognize students, parents and staff as individuals and work to nurture distinct strengths and personalities, honor diverse identities and address individual needs.


Take smart risks.

We embrace innovation in a smart and strategic way and view mistakes as an opportunity for growth, not defeat.

Celebrate steps forward.

We strive for progress, not perfection. We recognize achievements, no matter how small, as steps toward our long-term goals.


Build a community of trust.

We elevate and support each other through candid and caring relationships. We always act with integrity and treat others--and ourselves--with a spirit of generosity.

Cultivate passion and have fun.

We believe in cultivating our personal and professional passions. When school is an enjoyable place to be, everyone is better off.


Be tenacious.

We are resilient, persisting through challenges and obstacles in pursuit of solutions. We work hard and smart to achieve excellent results and continuous improvement.

Take the long view.

Our community deserves a school that is sustainable and focused on long-term success. We acknowledge that this work is a lifetime journey and honor the need to nourish our lives beyond the school walls.